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Shared Shortcode

What is it?

Shortcodes are generally 5 figure numbers that can be texted to from the major UK mobile networks. Dedicated shortcodes cost £850 + vat per month, which is out of the reach of smaller companies.

However, many companies only need one keyword on a shortcode, so to accommodate this aql® now offer a shared shortcode service. This is charged at £50 + vat per month for up to 10 keywords.

How does it work?

If you don't want to bill the end user, we can set you up within minutes! If you do want to operate a premium billing service; when you sign up we will send you a contract and also a diligence form which we use to make sure that your intended use is legal. Once we're happy with your paperwork, we will give you access to the system.

To sign up, you must first have an aql.com account.
Then log in and go to [textback] >> [shared shortcode] >> [order online]

You can then choose up to 10 keywords on a first-come-first-served basis.

You can either use our http api or simply configure our system to email you with any inbound texts, OR, you can configure an autoresponse to any inbound message.

Billing :

Currently, we are offering access to the memorable shortcode 64446, which enables you to bill the end user at the value of £1 (inc vat).

Revenues :

We have a simple online system where we display your estimated revenues. Once the monies have been received from the mobile networks (please note - this can take up to 60 days), we then reconcile this. Once your revenues exceed our minimum billing amount, we then invite you to invoice us for the monies, which we will pay via BACS (Bank Transfer) into your UK bank account.

In certain circumstances, such as when we receive complaints regarding your service, we may withhold revenues in anticipation of refunding clients as required.

Are shared shortcodes better than dedicated ones?

If you're looking for a low-cost solution, a shared shortcode is the best way to go. However, you must be aware that because it is shared, there is always the risk that the shortcode could be suspended if any one user violates any of the mobile networks acceptable use policies. aql® try to prevent this by performing pre-sales diligence on all clients, but we must make you aware of the very small risk of loss of service. If this is of concern, we would recommend a dedicated code.

What share of the revenues do I get?

The end handset is billed at £1 (inc VAT) each time an SMS text message is sent back to the handset. The sender will receive the following payouts (subject to contract) excluding VAT. VAT registered clients should ensure that they invoice us for the amounts + VAT where applicable.

o2 Orange T-Mob Virgin Voda
£0.43 £0.42 £0.43 £0.30 £0.43

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