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Predefined Sending - Create a Email to SMS alias

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Using the service in predefined mode allows you to setup email addresses which you can give to clients and other contacts. Emails sent to this address will be relayed to a predefined mobile number, allowing you to receive emails sent to this address as SMS text messages on your mobile phone.

Use this as a high priority contact email address, or forward important emails that arrive in your existing mail account for immediate notification.

How does it work?

From your aql® account you would setup an 'alias' (subject to availability) at the aql.com domain, for example the alias 'fred' would give you the email address 'fred@aql.com'. Alongside this alias you will assign the mobile phone number you would like the message to be sent to.

When an email is sent to this address, the first 160 characters of the message will be relayed as an SMS to your mobile phone. You can also auto-forward messages to your normal email address, so that you have a copy of the entire email (subject to size limits of 2MB per email).

Your account will be charged 1 credit per text message sent for most locations. Some destinations are charged at higher rates.

Can I have more than one address?

You can set up multiple aliases at the aql.com domain. For example you would be able to setup an address and mobile number for each member of staff in your company making it simple to contact them while out of the office.

How do I set up an address?

To setup a 'predefined' email to sms address you first require an aql® account. Login to your account and follow the email to sms link.

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