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Bulk SMS - High Volume Text Messaging

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Bulk SMS allows for users to send large or small amounts of text messages via the internet for quick delivery, and allows for replies to be returned to a place of your choosing, such as an email address, a database you host online, or back to your own mobile.

Sending out bulk messages is easy through the use of aql account features such as distribution lists and file import facilities, and you can create and send out a bulk messaging campaign in no time at all.

Bulk SMS Sending methods

"If you do need help with any aspect of our bulk sms services, or want to discuss how we can help with your bulk text-outs, please feel free to call our friendly account management team on 01133 20 30 32."

There are two types of bulk mailout you can use; 'standard' and 'personalised'. The 'standard' bulk SMS mail out allows you to send a single message to a distribution list of up to 1 million mobile numbers, where as the 'personalised' bulk SMS option allows you to provide a list of numbers, unique corresponding messages, and if you require, scheduled delivery times.

Standard bulk SMS

This is typically accessed via email or our website, and allows you to create multiple distribution lists of recipients that can be saved for future use, before composing a message either on site or simply by sending an email.

Personalized bulk SMS

For the personal touch when you want to send a custom message relevant to each recipient, and the numbers and pertinent data are available to you in a spreadsheet or database, we can help you to prepare that data for a bulk send.

Using an app like Microsoft® Excel and a little scripting, you can easily address the recipient by name, provide them with a specific reference, or send to them at a certain time, such as 12pm the day before the appointment you have scheduled.

This preparation can then be automated, and with a few clicks can become an invaluable tool in cutting costs while regularly and efficiently connecting with your clients

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