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Simple and FREE to set up - Text nokia to 64446 (no setup OR monthly charge - ever)

get voip on your mobile

Welcome to the future of VoIP - Internet calling on your mobile

The aql® mobile voip account is FREE. There is no setup fee, no monthly fee. If you only make VoIP to VoIP calls, there will be no extra costs. Calling landlines and mobiles is charged at our competitive rates.

Intelligent Routing

The aql® network will automatically "know" if you are trying to call the mobile number of a subscriber who is also on the aql® VoIP network and will automatically route the call over VoIP for free.

Unique Service

The service uses UNIQUE, PATENT PENDING technology and is compatible with Nokia e-series devices - contact us to enquire about compatibility with other handsets.

Easy Setup

To set up, simply Text "nokia" (without the quotes) to 64446 and we will send back an auto-configuration message to your phone, setting it up ready for wifi-voip (accepting our configuration message is done at your own risk!).

Once you have saved the configuration message, you just need to set up your phone for wifi use :

Configure Internet telephone settings:

Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Internet tel. settings
Options button -> New profile

SIP profileAql

Configure default call type:

Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Call

Default call type:Internet


Dial 150 - if you've set it up right, you should reach the aql® switchboard. Other numbers of interest are 123 (speaking clock), 500 (voicemail), 600 (call credit).

Fully featured VoIP service specification :

  • Call between VoIP phones for free
  • Free setup, no monthly charge
  • VoIP calls "appear" to be from your mobile number
  • Music on hold
  • Call transfer
  • Call forward
  • Do not disturb
  • Follow-me call forwarding
  • View call and message history online
  • Purchase call credit online or by texting "topup" to 64446*
  • Low cost national and international calls

    Want a memorable geographic number too? available at £2 per month. Click to Order Now

    *If you text "topup" to 64446, you will get 50p of call credit, you will be billed £1. However, additional call credit can be purchased online as required at any time, but is not necessary if you only want to make VoIP to VoIP calls. If you buy voip credit online, eg if you buy £5 of credit, £5 of call credit will appear on your account.

    NB: Usage of this service requires access to a suitable wireless (WiFi) internet.

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