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aql® have unique partnerships enabling us to offer unbundled access to UK mobile networks.

  • Mobilise your fixed line or IP telephony subscribers seamlessly.

  • Own Your Customers - Your Brand, your minutes and your billing.
  • Wholesale advantage - aggregate data charges across multiple SIMS

  • Secure solutions - 3G walled garden or corporate intranet access
  • 3G Data made cost effective - even for intensive applications - single low per MB rate.

  • A channel focussed intiative - become a strategic partner.

We're serious about your security. Click below to read more about how we approach this important topic
View our Coverage Maps and network diagrams - aql offer true unbundled mobile with transparent wholesale pricing.
aql has been working closely with ITSPA and BT to provide a compliant solution to the UK Internet Tele Community.